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If you are sick and tired doing simple actions at your office, we can create software that will make it for you.

Best technologies fitted to your needs

We use fresh technologies that will fullfill your expectations. Specially selected to your needs.

Who We Are?

Our Mission

To help small companies speed up their simple actions.

Our solutions can automate work in low brand company. 

IT consulting and detection of time consuming processes. Help yourself speed up them for Your convenience.


Founder of Rogline – MSc. Przemysław Roguski

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Our Core Values

We prepare complex IT solutions started from case analysis, through project and execution to deployment and maintenance.


Our services


Support in making the right decisions in the area of new technologies and information systems.

Creating websites

Creating your own website from the creation of a domain along with an e-mail to build a multilingual site tailored to your requirements.

Optimization and automation of processes

Analysis, optimization and automation of business and technical processes.

Data processing

Processing, analysis and migration of data saved in csv, xls / xlsx format and those stored in the MySQL and PostgreSQL database.

Creating mobile applications

Implementation of simple mobile applications available for Android and iOS platforms that allow users to be notified of important events.

Technical support

Dispelling doubts about various technical problems from installing software, updating applications and implementing new solutions to supporting current ones.

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